Commission Guidelines

High quality Reference photos lead to high quality drawings....

• High Quality photos are important.
With any realistic drawings, the biggest factor has to be the quality of the reference photos provided. The more detail and better quality the reference photo is, the more detail I can see and add to your commissioned drawing. With today's technology, even those of us who are not Photography savy, are capable of caputuring a great photo. If a photo is small in size, dark, or doesn't show the features unique to your pet, family member, friend, it is extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to attempt to add/replicate those features.

• What do you want to see in your drawing?
Bare in mind exactly what you want your finished drawing to be. If you are after a head neck/shoulders portrait, the photos you need to be sending should be of that part of the anatomy. For example, you would like a head portrait of your dog, if you take photos of the whole of the dog's body, from a distance, the head and important features such as eyes and nose, will be much smaller within the photo, therefore much more difficult to see when I come to draw those features.
Get your body level at head height and point your camera parallel with your subject, this may mean getting down on your knees so that the camera is head/eyeline height of your subject, and the photo will be of the head/neck alone, meaning all the tiniest features will be clearly in focus.
With pets, rustling a treat bag near to your camera can help get their attention focused on you, helping them to look towards the camera. Of course, you may like them looking away from the camera, but should you prefer a full frontal view, the treat bags help.

• Lighting.
Lighting is particularly important too. When taking a photo, it is best to take the image in natural daylight to show the true tones, details and colours. Extremely sunny days can sometimes wash out details due to the glare of the sun on skin or fur, but a little sun does help. If you are taking photos outdoors when the sun is out, make sure that the sun is behind you with your subject facing towards the sun. This can mean "squinty eyes" if it's extremely bright out, so try to allow your subject to sit at an angle where the light fills up the face and parts you would like drawing, but does not make your subject squint.
If indoors, choose a time of day when the room is naturally lit and bright, if possible. Camera flashes will reflect from the back of the eyes creating red/green eye, and causing the pupils to dialte.

• The more the merrier.
​Try to take plenty of images, in doing so, you give yourself a better chance of finding the perfect pose you love, and also give me a better chance at making out details, features, unique to your subject.

• Old photos.
In some cases I am still able to do a good job with old photos. I understand completely that some of these drawings are memorial pieces, which are very special to the people who ask me to do them. I will do my very best to accomodate you, giving my honest opinion on whether the piece is at all possible, and will do my upmost best to be able to take on such pieces. Again, the more the merrier. If your photos are old, and not particularly great quality, find up as many as possible of the subject, sending them all to me so I can go through them to see if we can work something out to suit you.

• Composition.
I can come up with compositions that place more than one subject together in one piece, where there were no reference photos of said subjects together. I can also remove Bridles/Headcollars, Collars ect in pet portraits. If you have any questions, feel free to email me via the contact section.

• Timescales.
Each piece can take me between 2-5 weeks to complete. This all depends on the size and complexity of the drawing. For this reason, it is advised that you give plenty of notice if you have particular dates in mind. Christmas time is awlays extremely busy, and notice needs to be given earlier in the year so I can accomodate your needs.


Head & Shoulders Full Body

A4 £400 GBP

A3 £600 GBP £700 GBP


All portraits will be mounted and unframed.

Head & Shoulders Full Body

A4 £400 GBP

A3 £600 GBP £700 GBP


All portraits will be mounted and unframed.

Head & Shoulders Full Body

18x24cms £400 GBP

30x40cms £400 GBP £500 GBP

35x50 cms £500 GBP £600 GBP

50x70cms £800 GBP £900 GBP

70x100cms £1000 GBP £1100 GBP


All portraits will be mounted and unframed.


​A non-refundable booking fee will be required to confirm booking, secure slot and cover my time once the piece has been discussed and agreed upon by both parties.

£150 booking fee for an A4, £200 booking fee for an A3 and £300 booking fee for A2.

Pastel pieces, booking fee are £150 18x24cm, £200 30x40cms, £300 for 35x50, £350 50x70cms and £450 70x100cms.


UK Free postage and packaging, plus mount and back for all originals and commissions.


Portraits sent outside the UK will be individually quoted and sent via courier.


• A4 pieces are better suited to single head/shoulders only, due to size.

• The better the quality of the reference photos, the more detail I am able to add.

• End product details and quality may vary, dependant upon quality of references provided.

• For more than 3 heads/subjects a separate quote will be made.

• I will be happy to share progress images, and to make any adjustments whilst working on the piece.

• All pieces come with a plain background. For detailed

backgrounds, please add £50 to the price.

All pricing is based on the paper size. The portrait will be a good size within the paper.

​Booking fee is required at time of booking to secure slot.

Due to lengthy waiting lists, customers are reminder to have reference

photos ready for their slot so that I am able to begin the drawing as soon as possible,

without delaying my work, affecting deadlines for all customers.





Head and Shoulders Full body

A2 £800 GBP £900 GBP


All portraits Come unframed.

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