Gemma Furbank, Animal and pet portrait Artist.

I am an animal portrait artist from Manchester, England. I have always had a deep love and appreciation for animals, and I have found a way to express that through my artwork. Through my work, I strive to capture the unique personality and essence of each animal. I believe that every animal has its own story to tell, and I aim to bring that story to life .

You start with inspiration...

Please feel free to contact me to discus your individual needs.

Beautiful thoughts from our clients


Beautiful surprise present, which apparently everyone knew about except me. Thank you! I have to admit the picture is such a likeness of my Teddy that I cried "again" It is now up on the wall and will bring pleasure to all the family, Thank you again.


I have just received my beautiful picture of my son in the post and it is incredible! When Gemma posts pictures on Facebook and says that the photos don't show the details, she is right - the details are amazing up close! The drawing looks like a photograph, it's just insane how talented you are and for the price I've got a piece of art forever so it is way under - priced for the hours gone in to it! (Unless I even get another one done pretend I didn't say that last part, but it's true!) Thank you! xxx


She's not only a personal friend of mine but a very talented artist is Gemma.. She has done a coloured drawing of my Doberman Zara. She said it was tough but Gemma don't give up that easy. When i saw it, I was overwhelmed with how it turned out + it has been complemented by my friends. Another top job Miss F


Super Chuffed with the pastel drawing that Gemma did of our much loved family dog for my husbands birthday gift. The updates of how the drawing was coming on along the way made me smile & progress from day to day was amazing. The detail and work that has gone in to it is immense. It will be being hung on our wall in our living room & I will be proud to tell all our visitors, family and friends what a great job Gemma has done as it's that good I'm sure people will think it's a photo.
Thank You once more Gemma.


Hi Gem, well if this is your standard of work with poor photos then you are something special. You have a natural gift and I cannot congratulate you enough. For anyone reading this comment, this is my boy, my love and Gem has captured him with no doubt. I am so very grateful. Looking at your work before I commissioned you it was amazing and I felt you were right for my boy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sorry about the rubbish photos. Hugs and have a glass of something cool.


Gemma did the Collie/chihuahua picture for my mum. She absolutely loved it, made her cry. Gemma captured the dogs expressions perfectly. Highly recommended artist xxx


I asked Gemma for an A3 animal portrait and the end product was absolutely incredible. Gemma was in touch throughout the process and the portrait was done exactly as asked. Hugely impressed, would "highly, highly recommend!