Custom portraits of pets, animals and people, including fan art

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JAKE: Commissioned piece

Commissioned drawing, done in Graphite and Charcoal, A3 in size. Video taken on mobile phone.


Critically endangered, the Amur Leopard. It is believed that there are only 70 animals that remain in the wild. 
Piece was done in Faber Castell Polychromo and Prismacolor pencil. A2 Bristol Board. 
​Video taken on mobile phone. 

Gray Wolf in Coloured Pencil
A2 Strathmore Bristol Board. Faber-Castell Polychromos.

A personal piece done in memory of my late, Wolf adoring, Father. We have always loved Wolves! 
Taken on my Phone, the natural daylight being reflected in some of the waxier darker shades whilst moving over them. 

'Prince' German Shepherd. Soft Pastel tips. 
Commissioned drawing.
Here are a few tips for artists using Soft Pastel.