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Jason Jennings won this framed drawing. Thank you to everybody who took part and helped me raise £820, which leaves £767.11 after Justgiving deductions. Thank you also to Anthony Mulryan for allowing me to use his image.

Sadly, a wonderful soul, generous, funny, gifted, talented young man recently lost his brave battle with Depression. 
To honour him, I decided to draw his favourite musician, Ian Brown of The Stone Roses, in Bez's memory.
Bez was a talented Graphic Designer. Being a fellow artist, we'd often poke fun (and a little scorn) at the people who expected Bez to use his time, expertise, skills and talent on creating unique designs and logos, whilst expecting him to be happy with being paid £5 for his services. To poke fun at those 'art for a fiver' types, I'm going to give this drawing away in a prize draw.

I wanted to do something positive, spreading the word about Mental Health, and hopefully giving a little comfort to Bez's family during these dark and difficult times. 

I am giving this A2 drawing away in less than a month. 
The catch is, it will cost you a £5 donation. £5 = 1 entry. This is open to UK residents only, due to the extra costs in postage, taxes and risk of transporting such a large piece.  I will add all the names of people who donated to the draw, which will take part in one month.
Please add FULL NAME when donating and the amount you are donating, so that I can add your name and the correct amount of entries to the draw.

Anthony Mulryan is the amazing photographer who gave me permission to use his iconic image of Ian. 

For anybody struggling with their Mental Health, you are not alone. It helps to talk to somebody. It often helps to talk to a complete stranger, somebody experienced and understanding. Please reach out and seek help. Life can and will improve, if you're brave enough to speak up.
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    Ian Brown/The Stone Roses
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